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How to Prepare for Cat and Get Into Iim

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are India's premier management institutes. IIM, not to mention is the deity to CAT aspirants. Last year one is added to the list i.e IIM Shillong which increases the probability of getting into IIM, af course if number of aspirants remain the same; but still this number is very bleak. So what matters the most in this world of competition is how you prepare for this tough and 'smart' exam, yes, smart is the key word because the person who prepares smartly is the winner of this game as there is a famous adage: Don't work hard work smart. So overall I will be discussing about some smart techniques for killing this meow (CAT).

What you need to firstly do is to see where you stand currently i.e what are your strengths and weaknesses, and you can do this by taking one or two mock tests. Never fear if you find that you are weak nearly in every area because converting your weakness to your strength doesn't need more time, it needs smart time. After deciphering your strengths and weaknesses, it's time either to collect the reading material or to join a coaching classes. Many students ask why do we need coaching classes; well then the answer to this question is: coaching institutes will organize your study habit; off course they aren't alchemist who will turn you into gold. But if you are a working official and think that you are a good manager in organising your study time then nothing is better than that.Therefore, organized study is the first main key point to this smart journey of preparation; after all you are going to become a manager so everything should be organized and managed.

Second key point is 'Stick to the Rules'; though the irony is CAT never does but by not sticking to the rules they are checking whether you does. So; make a time table of your study plan and keep it in your pocket or paste it on your notice board of office or home. Time table of every aspirant will be different so keep in mind your weaknesses while making the itinerary. Give more time to your weaknesses and practice as much as you can. Main problem with many students is that they organize their studies for few days, and after that they procrastinate the assigned targets or don't give the required time to their studies. But perseverance and patience are the two traits which every aspirant should have as CAT will check your patience by giving you a whole together a different paper; so you should maintain your calmness and don't get flummoxed.

Third point is to keep track of your performance and your mistakes. After all you are preparing to improve and if you are not tracking your performance then how will you get to know whether you are improving in your weak areas or not. Never repeat your mistakes. Keep your mind fit by eating healthy food and by reading some good novels and newspapers. Good is a subjective term but here what I imply is read those novels or articles in newspapers which you hate reading in normal circumstances; CAT is not good in giving your favorite RC passages. After all for ESLs (English as a Second Language) reading is the strongest tool to hone its English skills.

Lastly, never think that your aim is to clear written exam. You are not preparing for getting a call, you are preparing for getting into IIMs, so participate in GD sessions and keep yourself updated with current affairs. If you haven't join any coaching institute then you can join any public forum online or offline for practicing GD and Interview sessions.

At the end I will summarize my rules:
a) Know your strengths and weaknesses.
b) Organize your studies.
c) Keep track of your performance and mistakes.
d) Read healthy.
e) Keep preparing for GD & Interview.

As it is not in my scope to give you each and every aspect of preparation but I have tried to write some of the key points which I have noticed in every IIM student. So, don't just toil, have some smart oil.

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