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It can be very difficult to determine if a child under the age of 19 months has a problem with their hearing because very young children and babies will respond…
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Towards Making Better Future Citizens

The Chennai(Tamilnadu,India) municipal corporation has initiated some steps to upgrade the skills of teachers.All the teachers of corporation schools participated.and the corporation commissioner interacted with the teachers.

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalaam opined that good teachers produce good citizens.He made this remark during his recent visit to Pondicherry,(October,2008).

The Anna University(Chennai) vice chancellor advised students to be Innovative and develop the habit of thinking 'out of the box',after inaugurating Laser-08 (science exhibition) at Madras Christian College higher secondary school on October 23rd 2008.He further opined that we are producing many science graduates but not scientists.

A former Vice Chancellor of Anna University said that most of the engineering students do not know how to apply Ohm's law,how can we talk about the quality?,he questioned.He was talking at CII-IQ summit.He also blamed corruption in colleges and regulatory bodies.He severly blamed the quality of education in India.He further said that more than half of the vice-chancellors have a criminal background.He said that he had to face many obstacles for his straight forward ness while working as a V.C. at Anna University He blamed the 'briefcase culture' which sends people to Delhi,where the regulatory bodies sit,in a bid to subvert the systerm to their own advantage.He opined that a new teaching-learning process needs to be evolved which is learner centriTechnology can help bridge this gap to a great extent.As an UPSC mamber,he said that he found students lack in all types of skills,there is no depth in the knowledge,further ha said that if we keep the communication and soft skills aside,they lack any understanding of the subject.That is where the education system needs to step in,he suggested.

Every man is a born sudra but becomes brahmana by refinement and character.In shaping a child into a refined man the following factors play the dominant role:

1.The Parents of a child and his/her family members:If Children acquire the better attitudes,behaviour,character,discipline,efficiency,forward looking nature,goodness,hard working nature,intelligence,leadership skills,Mannerisms,positive attitude ,sincierity,time management,understanding skills,work culture,etc from their parents,they would be appreciated everywhere,?but the reverse trend is dangerous.

2.The teachers:As the teacher is the major educator for children,and as the children spend most of their time with them,?he/she is supposed to have the following qualities:

Teaching skills and talented,
Emotional coach and energetic person,
Adamant and Acquiring new skills,
Characterful and companionship,
Hardworking and Humanitarian,
Efficient and eager to impart knowledge to the students,
Reads a lot to upgrade knowledge and respects everyone.

Besides above,the following traits are to be expected from a teacher:
Leadership skills,Intelligence;patiency,sportive nature,etc.Above all he should be a role model for the students.

For a better presentation,the following steps have to be followed:1.Planning;2.Preparation,3.Practice,4.Perform,5.Post mortem.Better presentation imparts better knowledge for the students,hence the above said 5ps must be followed sincerely.

3.The surrounding happenings:Due to sensitive nature of children,there is a possibility of acqiring or imitation of incidents which the children observe in the society.The parents and teachers should take steps to see that they absorb only good from the society.Similar is the case with the following factors.
4.Books,Internet,mass media,Cinema,etc:
6.The student himself.

Unfortunately,not many talented candidates are opting teaching as their profession due to non-attractive emoluments and lack of interest,etc.

Due to the commercialisation of education,and due to heavy competition among the private educational institutes in India,whose ultimate aim is to produce good academic?results.Based on these results their existence in the market depends.Hence these institutions,have been encouraging teachers to produce good?results in the final examination,and compelliung students to pass the exam at any cost.In such a scenario,there would not be any understanding of the subject matter and thus leads to the production of inferior human resource.The quality of education in government educational institutions is not up to the mark due to various reasons,such as poor infrastructure,low perks to the faculty members,lack of accountability,etc.

There has been criticisms against the government's attitude towards primary education because of its negligence.Recently the government has also decided to start some more new IITs and IIMs ,when the primary education scenario in India is very bad shape.

In addition to the natural resources, the human resources play the most important role for the social and economic development of any nation.Hence,the setbacks if any have to be corrected in our educational system for making better citizens.




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