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Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Private Tutor?

Being a home tutor is an enjoyable experience which I would recommend to anyone who can make the grade. You are welcomed into homes as a valued guest, your knowledge is sought after and you are well-paid at the end of each lesson. Unfortunately it is not for everyone so here's a simple test to see if you have the 'right stuff' to become a tutor. Please note that a tutor does not necessarily need to be or have been a teacher.

Contrary to the view which the odd teacher might expound, you can't tutor something which you do not know yourself. Do you have appropriately high qualifications in the subject you wish to provide tuition in?

Do you like talking and explaining? Are you patient? Is your voice clear and devoid of strong accent? Do you have a thorough grasp of the language you will be using to teach the lesson in?

Do you enjoy your chosen tuition subject? Does it still fill you with enthusiasm and can you convey that in the lesson?

In most cases, the student will be coming to you for help. The probability is that you will be asked to tutor a subject that they find difficult and, presumably, which you found easy. Can you make the adjustment and be patient with them for the whole of every lesson?

About two thirds of your work as a tutor will be in someone else's home. Do you have a car? If not, is the local bus or train service reliable and intensive enough to allow you to get to just about anywhere within a 5-mile radius within the hours of 5pm and 8pm (earlier if you want to tutor younger children)?

Are you the type of person who can drag themselves out of a warm house on a cold, wet winter's night? Are you prepared to put off all but the most pressing of personal matters while you complete your tutor obligations?

Do you have early evenings and/or weekends available on a regular basis (ie so that at least 95% of the time you will be able to attend)? Is it possible you might have to leave the area and therefore abandon your students?

How does your partner or family feel about your absences from tea until after supper? What about at the weekend - will they mind waiting for you to come back from your tutoring?

Do you have a good supply of books, CD's, DVD's, past exam papers or other materials? Are you prepared to give up time visiting libraries and car-boot sales to get fresh tutoring matter?

If you are a good tutor then you can almost rely on the money you will earn from your tutoring work. Under no circumstances and no matter how good your tuition is, can you count 100% on a particular income. Cancellations will occur and you will need to accommodate them. If you have to earn a particular sum per week, find a regular job.

If you feel that this article describes you then you may have what it takes to be a home tutor!

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