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Hearing Problems in Children Deafness & Hearing Loss Gu
It can be very difficult to determine if a child under the age of 19 months has a problem with their hearing because very young children and babies will respond…
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Having a Child Labeled as Autistic, Staying Positive Beyond the Diagnosis

????? My son was born in 1997 and diagnosed with Autism not long after that.? Back then, when I confided to my grand-father that my son was taking longer than doctors expected to talk, he told me to just give him time and he would speak eventually.? I got the reputation of being an over protective worry-wart of a mom.? Indeed, with time, my son blossomed.? He went from lining up his toy cars on the dining room table with headstrong meticulation to coming over to me after a hard day at work and patting a reassuring hand on me, for comfort.? He is eleven now and with the help of speech therapy, now talks with advanced articulation as he reminds his two year old sister to wash her hands.?
???? I just gave birth to my second daughter, in June and had been adament about not allowing my other two children to hold my infant without me being present.? Much to my amazement, after coming out of the restroom I noticed that my son had picked up his baby sister and was holding her with expertise.?
???? He always has a big smile for others when he introduces himself in his usual friendly fashion of first, middle, and last name.? While he has left his bike, along with his scooter, outside- and gotton both stolen, he still manages not to dwell on negatives too much.? He does always manage to double check the dead bolts for his mother every night.
???? He loves mini-golf, going out for pizza, and popping pop-corn.? He gives me a fresh look at life, daily.? All in all, I've expected a great deal from him and he has made developmental strides.? Even though I was extremely protective at first, I have allowed him to do the things that he feels able to do and he has been a bigger help to me than I ever imagined possible.? He has gone from reserved classrooms of strictly special needs children to being mainstreamed into classes with all children.?
???? I have not tried osteopathic treatment, any detox, emotional freedom technique, sequential therapy, or chelation.? I have simply practiced patience, love, and dicipline.???

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