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It can be very difficult to determine if a child under the age of 19 months has a problem with their hearing because very young children and babies will respond…
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Repetition and Praise

??? When designing a plan for teaching a child with Autism, it is important to implement a lot of trial and error along with observation.? Each child is different.? ?You want to approach education from the direction of the child's strengths.? Always set up a situation for success.? I have found that repetition is great for my son when learning fine motor skills such as, writing, dressing, and bathing. ?These are areas that he has the most trouble in.? ?Breaking down each task to the smallest action has been best for him.? I would demonstrate the first thing he needed to do, and work with him until he was able to accomplish it.? ?I only step in and help when I see that he is getting extremely frustrated and is about to give up. ?Remember, I want him to succeed.? ?This helps build his self confidence.


?? Teaching him to put his socks on by himself was extremely hard. ?I had to use hand over hand to get him to place his fingers in the right place to stretch the sock.? ?Then I had to teach him how to bend his knee and bring his foot up to his reach.? ?After that, it was helping him put the sock on his foot.? ?Most of us put our socks on, and don't even think about the coordination it takes to do so. ?For a child who has motor planning difficulties, learning to put his socks on independently is a huge accomplishment.? ?Repetition and constant praise were the key.? ?Repetition in academic areas is also important for a lot of children with Autism.? ?File folder activities or shoe box activities,?www.Do2Learn.org is a great site for these types of activities.?


???? ?My son hates repetition with his academic work.? ?Although his fine motor skills are below his age, his intellect is far above.? ?My son communicates by using a computer and keyboard.? He is just now learning how to write.? It is important that he continues his repetition work with his writing, but when it comes to doing school work, he does that on the computer.? ?His teacher and I also allow him to go at his pace, fast, and we both are constantly introducing new concepts and knowledge to hold his interest.? One thing we learned quickly through observation and trial and error, is that if my son is bored, he won't do anything.


?????? An important point that I would like to make in this article, is that you have to be adaptable.? Do not let one area in the child's development hold up another.? My son can not write yet, but that doesn't mean he can not do school work.? ?Always keep an open mind.? What works for one child might not work for another.

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