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Creating the Right Atmosphere When You Decide To Home School Your Child

In ancient times, home-schooling children were a way of life. There was no existence of public schools; however with time public schools came into existence and educating children informally at home changed. Sending, children to public schools to fulfill the educational requirements became a norm. In the recent times, though more and more parents are opting for home educating their children as a result of non-conducive environment in the schools.

Antisocial elements, safety issues, lack of proper attention, etc. are some of the reasons for the rise in home schooling systems of education. But before you decide to home school your child it is recommended to build a favorable environment within your home first that fosters an optimal and all round development in your child.

Creating the right environment at home for learning is more than, a spacious room, done up with all the tools and equipment needed for educating your children; it is charging the whole atmosphere at home to encourage and stimulate the full growth of your children.

The most important requirement of a home school is the presence of at least one of the parents. The security of a homely environment is achieved only if there is somebody in the house to make it a home. The role of a mother staying at home and looking after the family is degraded in this age of career oriented women, but none other than the mother can make a house a home. It is the mother who gives that affection and inspiration to a child and who teaches and instills in him the ability to live harmoniously in the society and do great things. After all the hand that rocks the cradle truly rules the world!

Another essential element in the atmosphere, for children who are being educated at home is to have an environment that encourages play. There should be enough playthings around and a designated place for playing, since children learn a lot while playing. This stimulates their creative and intellectual abilities. It gives them experiential learning, enhances their conceptual knowledge on the relationship of things as their play takes them to make new discoveries.

Promote curiosity and creativity by giving them exciting ideas, for thought provocation. It is advisable to provide the little minds with fuel by reading books to them, narrating stories of historical heroism, great inventions and discoveries, biographies of great people, fables etc. All of these things kindle the little minds with curiosity and lead them on a quest for more.

Home educators need to cultivate trust and respect in a child; convey to your child that you have full faith in his abilities and show respect for his unique qualities. This will take you a long way in instilling these virtues in your child. Teach him the importance of good manners by practicing what you preach.

Create a relaxed and flexible environment in your home that promotes a healthy communication system. It is important to listen to your child and be attentive his or her needs. Have sympathy for your child when he or she falters in life, develop a support system that builds confidence and trust in him.

The right kind of atmosphere is foundation for a successful home schooling system, wherein parents entrust upon themselves the delightful task of educating their own children and watching them grow every minute.

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