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Dont Let the Gace Exam Stand in the Way of Your Dream Job


The current economy has motivated a lot of people to re-evaluate their careers choices. If you are considering becoming a teacher youre not alone. The appeal of leaving the rat race; of having full benefits and three months of vacation every year; not to mention the most fulfilling job that anyone can have is a great alternative to a soulless corporate job.

Thousands of Georgia residents each year decide to enter the teaching field. However, one thing that stands in the way of many of these individuals fulfilling their dream: the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) exam.

What Does It Take To Pass the GACE exam?

The GACE exam assesses your knowledge and abilities in both general topics and specific areas of specialization. If you have been out of college for many years, you may be a little rusty on some of the basic subjects like math or history. To avoid wasting time and fees from having to retake the exam you want to thoroughly prepare?and simply watching episodes of Jeopardy is not going to cut it.

Even people who have bought and memorized popular GACE study guides have found themselves at a loss when the time came to take the test. There are thousands of these books, flash cards and study guides on the market; yet none of them has been proven to be able to help GACE exam takers succeed at any higher rate.

The key to passing the GACE exam the first time is finding out exactly what to expect from this particular exam. All standardized tests have their own peculiarities depending on the company which produces them, the team of writers, and when they were produced. In fact, GACE has only been in place since September 2006; before that time the state administered a completely different exam. So if youve already achieved your teaching certification prior to that date, or are moving in to Georgia from another state, you need to prepare yourself to take this particular exam.

The Best GACE Study Tool

One of the best ways to prepare for a GACE test is to work with a prep coach who has specific experience taking the exam themselves. Not only will they be able to give you advice based on real experience with the test; but having someone work with you as you study and prepare will give you an extra boost of accountability and encouragement. This can be invaluable when you take on a challenge like preparing for an exam the size of the GACE.

Your teaching career is within reach. Dont let a single exam stand in the way of earning $46,000 a year (average Georgia teachers salary), getting full benefits, having plenty of vacation time, and doing a job that can literally change the world. Take whatever steps are necessary right now to ensure you have success passing the GACE test. Dont let fear, lack of preparation, or lack of familiarity with the exam cause you to waste precious time and money. It is possible to pass the first time with flying colors if you have the proper set of tools.

Good luck!


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