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Why Do Children Need Toys?
Children are never too young to become interested in math and science. In fact, young children are natural scientists and mathematicians. They are curious. They…
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You Can Ace the Gace Even if You Have Test Anxiety

Anyone who tells you that they dont have at least some level of test anxiety is simply not telling the truth. Stress over an exam is not always a bad thing. A healthy level of pressure can help you stay on top of your prep schedule and keep you focused on your goal. However, when your test anxiety reaches unhealthy levels, it can literally sabotage your test success.

Eyes on the Prize

If youre preparing for the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) exam and youre experiencing levels of anxiety that are causing you to lose confidence, I have some suggestions for you.

First of all, you want to keep your eyes on the prize. Reassure yourself daily why you want to take GACE test in the first place: you want to be a school teacher! Its a noble profession and something not everyone is cut out for. Our schools are in desperate need of qualified, caring, enthusiastic men and women to help educate our nations youngest generation. If you have what it takes to teach, you cant let the GACE exam stand in your way. Look at the big picture and keep reminding yourself that this is but a small hurdle that you will overcome in order to fulfill your dream of being a teacher.

The Secret to Perfect Preparation

The second thing you can do to eliminate your GACE exam fears can be summed up in just one word: Preparation. There is simply no substitute (no pun intended) for walking into an exam center with the confidence that you can answer whatever questions are put before you. Obviously, theres no way for you to know exactly what is on the test, but you can get yourself a GACE study guide or even test preparation coaching that will arm you with everything you need to achieve your certificate.

Set aside specific time for studying and dont let anything interfere. Actually, this is another great reason to utilize a test prep coach. If you find yourself procrastinating or dont have the will power to sit down and study after a long day at work, a coach provides a level of accountability which can serve as a great motivator. They will also give you the encouragement and support you need when times get tough and you feel like giving up; and can offer you specific tips based on their experience and knowledge of the test.

The GACE exam is a big deal. Its your ticket to the career of your dreams, and its a comprehensive assessment of your knowledge and abilities. It is also a challenge that anyone can meet as long as they are prepared and focused. Take advantage of everything available to you?time, organization, your enthusiasm, a good GACE study guide, and an experienced coach. When you finally get your results in the mail, and you realize that youre on your way to being a teacher, you will know why you pushed on even when things were tough. Dont let anything stand in the way of you and your dream!


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