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How to Find your Goal in Life
Basically, your real goal in life would be to: A) do something that you love to do, or b) do something that you're good at. And if you're lucky, what you do wou…
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Causes of World Hunger

Malnutrition, or hunger, is a general term that stands for a lack of some or all of the key nutritional elements that are necessary for normal human health. Protein energy malnutrition, the basic and the most dangerous type of hunger, affects every fourth child on the planet. Even though world does produce enough food to feed everybody on the planet, part of the population still has some form of malnutrition. Reasons for this are complex; however, the answer can be broke down to three major categories: poverty and unequal distribution of income, growth in population in developing countries, and priorities set by global leaders and community.

Poverty and unequal distribution of income is the major and direct cause of world hunger. When it comes to First World countries, the problem is usually shifted to the quality of life; however, in the Third World the focus can be just a mere sustaining of life. Poverty, in its turn, is also caused by a number of reasons the major one of which is lack of capital investment in developing countries. Third World countries, having little capital to invest in technological solutions in agricultural sector, have a low of level of efficiency and hunger, in its turn, leads to poverty, as the quality of labor force declines.

Growth in population in developing countries leads to a decline in net income per capita and, consequently, as another major cause of hunger. Third World countries with low productive efficiency tend to have higher population growth rates then the First World countries, which contributes to imbalance and complicates the situation.

In order to resolve the problem of hunger in developing countries global leaders when setting the priorities in international policies should, in the first place, concentrate on two major causes ? poverty and unequal distribution of income alongside with growth in population. Inability to set priorities considering these two major causes has a negative impact on the problem of world hunger, as while the solution is postponed, the problems gets only worth.

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