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How to Find your Goal in Life

Basically, your real goal in life would be to:

A) do something that you love to do, or

b) do something that you're good at.

And if you're lucky, what you do would involve both of these. No problem, right?

So why the endless, great, and mysterious search for the true calling in life?

If you were told that, without a doubt, you would succeed, that you couldn't fail at your chosen career, then chances are you wouldn't have a problem deciding what to do. Most people can come up with an answer to this problem when it's put that way.

So again, why are the vast majority of people questing for their goal in life?

The two primary reasons are:

1) You are afriad of failure. If you're like I am, then you've always known exactly what you wanted to do with your life. But for whatever reason, you just can't really consider it. Possibly you took the wrong job right out of high school or college based on circumstances such as the loss of another job, the lure of big money, or the advice of someone else , etc. As the years went by, you've become used to how things are, stuck, or even scared to make a change. You start to make excuses as to why you can't do this or why that will never work. Or.....

2) Maybe you really don't know what you want to do with your life. Now, this is the hardest one to understand but it happens and might be just the problem you are facing.

Now, I know why you're here and what you've come looking for. Yes, you can find what you're looking for here. However, I won't try to give you a magic formula like so many people try to do. As I've stated before, career testing and self assessments alone are great self-discovery tools but they're not going to change who you are.

Moving On

I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't know at least what a few of your talents and abilities are. Trust yourself. You've been alive long enough to have some understanding about what you can and can't do. If not, then it's time to stop, sit down, and do some deep soul searching. Be honest with yourself and you'll come up with some honest answers.

It might help if you made a list

I know. I know. Not another list!!! But it needs to be done.

Make a list of professions that intrigue you. If you need help, you can find an alphabetical list of occupations, their definitions, and salary stats on my site.

Make a list of what you enjoy and what you excel at. Don't leave anything out and don't exclude hobbies, passions, and what you do in your spare time. Your hobbies and passions could be your ticket to lifting the vail surrounding your true calling.

Now make the same list over. But make this one as if it was five years ago. Ten years ago. Don't leave anything out. You can make an profession out of many things. Then pick the top few, the ones that feel the best, and you have a place to begin.

You now have your answer.

The true reason that the vast majority of people miss their calling in life is that they don't work to uncover ways to make their living doing what they excel at or what they enjoy. They don't really believe that they can accomplish it.

So, what's your life goal?

For the vast majority of the people who benefit from successful and fulfilling lives, the answer is simple. take this statement to heart:

"If you're passionate about what you do, the money will follow"

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