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Comptia A+ Certification

How can we help:

We(ready4exam.com)offer pass guaranteed A+ solutions, to assist you in passing the A+ exam at first attempt.Our A+ solutions are provided by our A+ experts, who have over 20 years of A+ instructional education experience. All our resources and efforts have pooled together to produce you a shortcut that will save you an incredible amount of time and effort. Complete the contact form below and receive free information on how your choice of certification is easily achieved. A+ Certification, http://www.ready4exam.com/

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Price includes one-on-one consultation charge until you get certified, unlimited exam retakes until you pass and any other expense until all the exams are passed. Additional, you are guaranteed a total reimbursement PLUS $500 if any exam is failed at first attempt.

Duration: 5 Days
From the very first beginning till the exam pass, you will not spend more time than the one given above. This is applicable to everyone, including those who are not good at taking exams and those who can not afford too much time per day.

CompTIA A+ Certification Outline
part one
(2) Electrical Characteristics
(3) Safety Precautions
(4) Safety
(5) Digital Multimeter
(6) Calculating Current
(7) Static Electricity
(8) Static is Caused by.
(9) Before Working..
(10) Live Demo: Typical Internal Components PC Power Supply
(11) Live Demo: PC Power Supply Installing a Power Supply Typical Power Requirements Standard Outputs
(12) Live Demo: Peripheral Power Connector Floppy Power Connector SATA Power Connector Motherboard Power Connector
(13) Live Demo: Wire Colors
(14) Live Demo: Motherboard Power Connector Power-Supply Form Factors
(15) How to Protect your Equipment Power Issues UPS
(16) Live Demo: Voltage Selection Switch Troubleshooting Symptoms
part two
(1)CPU and Motherboards
(2) BIOS
(3) Demo: Determine Bios Version When You Need BIOS Updates BIOS Issues Flashing the BIOS Minimizing BIOS Upgrade Risks Recovering From a Failed Update CMOS Battery Central Processing Unit
(CPU) Installing a CPU CPU Performance CPU Characteristics
(4) Live Demo: CPU Packaging CPUs
(5) Live Demo: A Motherboard Cooling Method - Fins Cooling Method - Cooling Fins and a Fan
(6) Live Demo: Cooling Method - Fan Installing a Motherboard Riser Cards Motherboard/CPU Failures
part three
(1)Memory Systems Memory Measured Units Installation Notes Proper Handling
(2) Demo: Show Memory Mods
(3) Live Demo: Show Memory Mods Notebook Memory
(4) Live Demo: Notebook Memory Testing Memory
(5) Demo: Testing Memory Memory Types: Volatile vs. Non-Volatile. Memory Types: Dynamic vs. Static Memory. Memory Types: Asynchronous & Synchronous. Speed Ratings Individual Chips SIMM Memory Error Recovery Parity Task Manager Demo: Task Manager Memory Symptoms

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