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Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Courses for
More and more young people are becoming attracted to the idea of online courses. Many believe that signing up with accredited institutions for perfectly legitim…
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Accepting Answers and Finding Comfort - Even While Marketing

Its all too easy to get caught up in problems; to get distracted from ones own definite major purpose; to lose the plot! And nowhere is this easier than at my computer on the Internet. I mean its not called the Web for nothing and if youre not the spider you just might find that youre the fly, getting caught and sucked dry!

Recently I unsubscribed from a number of email lists. I couldnt even remember joining some of them but I understood one thing: I dont have an issue with the authors or their programs, the issue was with me. It has to do with round pegs, square holes, glass slippers and horses for courses.

During a period of panic, when my business was going nowhere due to technical issues that I couldnt control, I joined a few online business opportunity and training programs. I didnt make any money from most of them but theyre not to blame for that. I did learn some good stuff about marketing and in particular internet marketing, from each program or newsletter but I just cant complete something if my heart isnt into it.

I was like the fly buzzing around looking for goodness knows what ? a quick fix really ? and it was inevitable that Id get caught. I needed to settle down and learn to spin my own web ? to create my own home in this new environment of internet marketing and home based business. I needed to see my own path. What do I uniquely have to offer? What am I learning that I can share? What are my talents and opportunities? Once clarity starts to return the fog of questions and doubt clears.

And clarity is with me all the time. All the teachers and their books can possibly teach me I already know or it already exists. Ive learned a lot and have plenty more to learn in every aspect of my life. There are so many great teachers and mentors ready to help and guide me and the ones that Ill follow are those that echo my own voice ? after all thats the voice I hear when I read their text.

The greatest teacher in my life has never sold me a single book, e-book, video or seminar, but just consistently held up a mirror: this is who you are and thats more than the sum of all your good and bad Once I see and feel myself again the next step is clear and I can get on with it with Gratitude in my heart. Thats the way I love to live.

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