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Hearing Problems in Children Deafness & Hearing Loss Gu
It can be very difficult to determine if a child under the age of 19 months has a problem with their hearing because very young children and babies will respond…
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Communication and Autism
Astonishingly up to 50 percent of autistic children will never develop speech, whilst the others will develop some form of early communication skills. However, autistic children rarely engage in effective communication. When we think of speech ? lan
No Child Left Behind: Spalding May be the Answer
Reading is like walking, an important and essential way to get around and move ahead.? Without it an individual is virtually doomed to a life of poverty and ignorance. The Spalding Method for teaching reading is adapted from the work of Orton-Gillin
Valuable Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed in School
You can help your child obtain a quality education regardless of his or her ability or the conditions of his/her life and yours.? Here are some words of wisdom for both regular and special education parents, some of which you might have heard before
The Limits of Labels: Evaluation Results That Really Matter
When a child is not developing as expected, the first thing most parents and professionals attempt to do is figure out a name for what is going on. The assessment or evaluation process is often viewed as the path to determine an appropriate diagnosi
not Now Doesnt Mean never- Parent Expectations in the Context of Child Deve
My husband and I had three sons when our daughter joined our family. I was thrilled with the idea of finally being able to put one of my children in dresses, buy cute little shoes, and do her hair. After three boys, it was time for me to have anothe
Educational Evaluation of Student With Autism
The student in this case study has autism. His name is Adam. Adam is seven years old. He is in a Special Day Class for Severely Handicapped students. Adam's 3-year evaluation needed to be completed to determine eligibility for his special education
Celiac Disease and Autism
A disease called celiac disease is under investigation to show a link between autism and behavior. Celiac disease is caused from mal-absorption of nutrients. The hair-like projections called villi, in the intestinal tract are flattened from a reacti
Autism and a Dairy-free Diet
Many parents of children with autism and associated spectrum disorders have been investigating the effects of gluten and casein free diets for their children. Some parents report that dairy products may cause behavior problems in children with autis
Education Services for Children With Autism
Once a child is diagnosed with autism, families have many questions and concerns. One of the major dilemmas is determining how a child with autism will be educated. Each child is different with unique qualities; the education of each child with auti
: Arra
Are you ambitious? Do you like to face challenges in life? If you really aspire to do something big in life then you should need a qualified degree and proper knowledge in the respective fields so to stand in this most competitive environment of tod
Thanks to Audio Books, a Blind Student Could Feel Normal Among the Rest of His C
Tommy had presented me with a challenge that I had not encountered yet in my short teaching career so far. Normally, children that are visually impaired are sent to the Westfield School for the Blind, which is a few towns away, but Tommy's parents i
Special Education and Inclusion - Why is it so Hard?
Special Education, delineated as all precise pedagogy process aimed to people with some rather of deficiency, has transited the years, by various degrees of formulation, evolution and transmutation. It has initiated with optics of segregation of t
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