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Hearing Problems in Children Deafness & Hearing Loss Gu
It can be very difficult to determine if a child under the age of 19 months has a problem with their hearing because very young children and babies will respond…
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Social Stories For The Autism Classroom
Autistic children and adults have deficits in social cognition , which means they lack the ability to think in terms that are appropriate where social interactions are necessary.? This is explained using the "theory of mind" or the ability to mind r
Dyslexia Test... Am I Dyslexic? Take Best Online Dyslexia Test To Prove You Aren
Maybe you've been called lazy, useless, uncaring, or you just don't apply yourself. If you have untreated dyslexia these, are just some of the things you may often hear. Dyslexia comes in different forms. I know. I don't need any expert to tell me.
New Teacher And Autism
Autistic children are reluctant to accept changes and can become confused, anxious and sometimes aggressive when routines or situations change. One change: new teacher and autism is a complex situation of acceptance both on the part of the autistic
How To Benefit From Strategic Thinking!
How To Benefit From Strategic Thinking! Have you ever heard of strategic thinking? I hadn't until I took an organizational behavior class where the professor conducted a strategic thinking exercise. For the exercise, we were put into groups and we w
The Corporate Events
The Corporate Events If you are planning to organize a corporate event, you should think twice because such events are difficult to organize. Therefore, you should consider hiring a professional help in order to take proper care of the Corporate Eve
When Can'T Do Is Won'T Do
The title might well have been put the other way round? -? When "Won't do" is "Can't do", because learning is a chicken/egg thing - what we can't understand we don't like, what we don't like we won't do, at least if we can help it! Specialists tell
Dot Patterns ? For Visual Letter And Number Reversals
? The Symptom Letter and number reversals are a major handicap for a large number of students.? Those reversals make reading, writing and math much more difficult.? I have devised a simple but invaluable tool ? Dot Patterns?? that has an amazing eff
Ten Test Taking Tips
Here are some of the best test taking tips for students facing an exam. They cover memorizing the material, getting ready, and what to do while taking the exam. Develop a routine that works for you using one or more tip from each category. 1. Better
Parental Attention and ADHD
In my experience of counseling parents on child-rearing issues, I've found a strong correlation between kids being diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and lack of attention at home. In over three dozen cases, children of p
Concentration - a Prerequisite for Learning
? Concentration is a prerequisite for learning and too often it is overlooked on the assumption that it is a natural act, which is governed by a condition of the brain, rather than a deliberate mental process which must be trained through a process
Nonverbal Communication: Whats it All About?
Communication is critical to continued human development throughout our life span. It is what allows us to share thoughts, feelings, wonderings, and knowledge with others. Whether you are a verbal or nonverbal communicator, the vast majority of comm
Autism Social Stories - Eating Out
We all love going out to eatBut when your child is autistic this family treat can become a family nightmare. There are various ways to prepare your autistic child for eating out. You could start by a simple role play of the eating out experience...
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