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Hearing Problems in Children Deafness & Hearing Loss Gu
It can be very difficult to determine if a child under the age of 19 months has a problem with their hearing because very young children and babies will respond…
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How Do I Toilet Train My Autistic Child
Toilet training your autistic child can be very frustrating and can make you feel almost desperate at times. There are many factors you need to consider when deciding on the right time to start toilet training with your autistic/ asperger child . Co
Unexpected Miracle: a Moment of Awe!/1'st in a Series
The date was July 19, 2001. The time was 11:31 am. I gave birth to my fifth wonder of the world. Her name was Micheala; a beautiful name for a beautiful being. She was small at 18 inches long and 6lbs. 5oz. But, there was something different about t
Reading Development in Two Different Contexts:the Case of the English-greek Bili
Introduction Bilingualism has a unique place within the educational context, since modern technology has minimalised the distances between countries and people. Furthermore, the growing phenomenon of multilingual and multicultural countries and grou
Unexpected Miracle: Surgery #1/2nd in a Series
Time was getting short. Micheala was approaching 6 months of age, but she didn't weigh enough. She would need to weigh at least 11 lbs. for the doctor to do the surgery. By the time she was 7 months old she had reached her goal and we were set for F
Shopping With an Autistic Child
Shopping is an essential part of our every day lives, we need to shop. However even a normal task like shopping can become a nightmare for an autistic child. ? Autistic children have difficulties processing the different sensations we all experience
Unexpected Miracle: Recovering From Heart Surgery/3rd in a Series
The surgery was over, but now came recovery time. All the family and friends that had been with us all day left, save the paternal grandmother and myself. We had registered in at the Ronald McDonald House there, which was a short walk from the hopit
10 Tips for Parents and Teachers of Learning Disabled Kids
This list of 10 parenting tips is a guideline for successful?parenting of a child with learning disabilities.? In addition to the incorporation of these tips into your parenting skills, understand that often, therapy for children with learning disab
Learning Disabilities Awareness Month
Have you heard of Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell? Of course yes, you know them! They are the great inventors whose inventions are still talked about, and their inventions have paved the way for several new innovations. But
Overcoming Reading Difficulties is Crucial for Success
Research shows that approximately 20 percent of children in the United States have substantial difficulties learning to read. As these boys and girls grow up, the problematic effects of their reading difficulties are abundant and clear. During the e
How to Teach Reading to Students With Dyslexia
Dyslexic students can learn to read and it does not need to be with a struggle. If you are going to be teaching your own dyslexic child or students with dyslexia, there are some fundamentals that you need to know. Phonology and Phonological Awarenes
Learning Difficulties
There are various difficulties which a very young child faces in his natural quest for learning about the world around him. Sometimes these difficulties are apparent, sometimes they are not. ? There are four categories of learning disabilities which
Educating Autistic Children
Chances are that any children with autism spectrum disorder that are schooled in mainstream education are likely to need a certain amount of support within the classroom. All children with autism spectrum disorder will have a triad of disabilities c
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