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Current Legislature Affecting Future Federal Student Lo
Legislation Affecting Student Loan Interest Rates The House of Representatives is voting on a bill today (January 17, 2007) that will mean changes in the studen…
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Student Freshers are Setting a New Trend
February is becoming the new September for university admissions. Traditionally, the end of summer has been the time when freshers pack up their things and leave home for a new adventure, University! However times are slowly changing. February is in
What is a College Mentor? - and Why you Should Consider One
A college mentor is a student that is older than you and has experienced the years of college that you are about to embark on. A college mentor may be a senior who takes a freshman under his wing and shows him/her the ropes. A mentoring program help
Grad School Expectations - What Can you Expect to Gain
Although it is hard for some to believe, there is life beyond earning your undergraduate degree and heading out into the workforce. While undergraduate school allowed you to pursue your major in a general study, graduate school is an opportunity for
10 Things to Include in your Personal Statement - Undergraduate, Graduate & Beyo
Whether you are applying to enter undergraduate school, graduate school, or applying for a job, you may be asked to include a personal statement with your application. A personal statement is a supplement to your application that allows you to elabo
Choosing your College - Factors you Should Consider When Making your Choice
There are thousands of colleges to choose from, so how do you choose which one is right for you? The truth of the matter is that colleges and universities have a lot more in common than they have differences. When it comes down to making a decision
5 Things to Consider - When Choosing your Graduate School
There are almost an unlimited number of criteria that you can consider when choosing a graduate school. The important thing is to consider the criteria that are most important to you personally when making your choice. Listed here you will find some
Well Known Online Graduate Schools
Online graduate schools are becoming increasingly popular, as people want to earn their degrees, but just can't find the spare time to do it. More and more colleges and universities are offering online programs to make it more convenient for student
Defaulted Student Loans
Once you have left school and your federal student loans are in repayment it is important to make your payments on time. Some students and parents get behind on their Stafford loan, PLUS loan or Graduate PLUS loan payments, feel overwhelmed, and bef
Financial Aid: How you Can Qualify for Student Financial Assistance
With the ever-changing workforce and the salary gap between college graduates and high school graduates expanding, more and more people are looking to further their education. However, some think they do not have enough money to go to college. Most
Researching an Economic Perspective of Copyright
When viewing the subject matter from two utilitarianism approaches and the Supreme Court decisions, compulsory copyright license does not prejudice the moral of the author. The reason for this is rooted in the essence of the copyright law itself, as
Study Abroad Programs Covered by Nextstudent Plus Loans
In this day and age of international business that knows no borders and foreign relations that demand at least a familiarity with foreign cultures, many students are seeking to expand their perspectives through studying abroad. No longer content wit
Repairing a Defaulted Federal Student Loan
REPAIRING A DEFAULTED STUDENT LOAN Oops, you havent made your federal Stafford, PLUS or Graduate PLUS loan payment in 270 days and your loan has defaulted. How to you get out of this one? Having a defaulted Stafford, PLUS or Graduate PLUS loan on y
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