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7 Tips to Make the Most of Your College Visits
If you are even thinking about going to college in the next few years, visiting your potential colleges is one of the most important steps that you can take. Ju…
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6 Brain Exercises for Children
As children are growing up they are developing thinking, as well as behavioral, patterns. Using these 6 brain exercises for children is one way to help them develop these skills for better functioning and mental abilities for life. Word Searches/Cro
Introduction of Oerp(organization for Educational Research and Planning)
History On June 30, 1929, the Cabinet ratified that the government print and edit the primary textbooks exclusively. The responsibility was transferred to the office of Examinations and Programs. .The activity began in 1967 at the General Office of
Math Games for Kids
Looking for a fun and exciting way to teach math concepts to children? Increase motivation and learning in a way that is enjoyable and pleasant by using the following math games for kids. A Book Scavenger Hunt This is a game that teaches counting an
Animal Offsprings
Grandma what is baby cat called? This is a question that often comes up and it is easy when it is a baby cat, but what about those other animals. Some of them can make you head for the dictionary or encyclopedia to try to find the answer. Here are
Guided Reading: Seeing Spot Run is Not Enough
Reading instruction for children in early elementary has gone a long ways since the days of Dick and Jane. At least Dr. Gray's books from the early 30s of Dick, Jane, their parents, baby Sally and the crew of pets provided a beginning step for the b
Can Kids Get Too Much School?
When my mother got a promotion at her job, she had new office hours that lasted much longer than my school day. I heard my parents talking about how to handle this problem. They found the solution in an educational after-school program. Putting us i
Does Your Home School or Gifted Child Need Professional Writing Tips from a Publ
Would you waste money on an opera ticket for this guy? 'Of course I love opera,' he said, foot tapping restlessly. Research has shown that the old adage is true: Actions (such as a foot tapping) do speak louder than words. So when we write, we shoul
Computers - An Important Part Of School Life
Computers, during the last two decades or so, have been instrumental in bringing about changes in the way we communicate and gather information and/or knowledge to such an extent that it is hard to find any sphere which has not undergone changes aft
Teenage Depression
Eleanor Wilson was a struggling actress back in the 1940s who wanted nothing more than to be a star. She auditioned for every part no matter how small it was. She did get some bit parts, but never landed the role that would put her name in lights.
Fulfilling the "impossible Dream;" the "little Man" Who Coul
It was a real tough obstacle to overcome. No, it wasnt the fact that he grew up in poverty or that his father was arrested for robbery when he was twelve. There was something else Tyrone had to overcome if he ever wanted to fulfill his dream of bec
Learn to Speak and Read English
Learn to Speak and Read English Brenda Geier (K-12 Educator/Reading Specialist) May 1, 2008 It is easier than most think, learning the English language. Im referring to learning how to speak and spell correctly, write, and read in English. Let me s
Importance of Patience Teaching in Pre-school Children
A child is a very innocent and can be molded in any way that you want him or her to be in. For giving the best education to the child, it is very important to teach him or her in a positive and loving atmosphere. Also, for providing the best, you ne
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