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7 Tips to Make the Most of Your College Visits
If you are even thinking about going to college in the next few years, visiting your potential colleges is one of the most important steps that you can take. Ju…
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A Fun and Productive Summer
Summer vacation is fast approaching, and as every kid is salivating about escaping school, sleeping later and watching TV and mindless movies, moms and dads everywhere may be concerned about how to maintain a healthy balance of relaxation and produc
Math Answers ? an Interesting Aspect
What do you do normally after working out a math problem? You rush to look for the answer, to make sure that you have done it the right way. The feeling of immense joy you get when you find that you have got it right is something beyond words could
Thinking Outside the Box When Facing Problems
Negative Patterns of Behavior Have you ever wondered why so many individuals seem to gravitate toward certain addictive and/or negative behaviors when they have problems? More explicitly, why do so many people turn to drugs, alcohol abuse, promiscui
Geocaching Makes Walking Fun for Physical Education Classes
Walking is one of the best exercises for lifetime fitness. But let's face it - plain old walking can be a boring proposition for students. As a result, the canny physical education teacher will find ways to make a walk more exciting. Thanks to moder
Software Technology Helping English-Language Learners
It's a face of America that shows no slow down -- new immigrants finding new lives in the states are bringing children who face the learning curve of both, getting through regular educational material, and learning a second language. And it's not so
Middleboro Race Kicks Off New Samuel Fuller School
DATELINE: MIDDLEBORO, MASS. Runners chose between a 5K walk or run and a 10K run which enabled people of all ages to join in. Snacks and beverages donated by local food vendors were available to runners when they finished, and three students from Ca
Danger Areas in School Gymnasium and Sport Facilities
Safety is a concern to education administrators in today's lawsuit-happy society. It should be of particular concern around a school gymnasium because the gym is an area that generates a large number of student injuries. Unfortunately, injuries are
How to Get Extended School Year for Your Child in Special Education
Are you the parent of a child with a disability who thinks that your child needs an educational program during the summer? Does long summer breaks cause your child with emotional disabilities to regress in behavior? This article will discuss the def
4 Parenting Tips: How to Overcome Blame, From Special Education Personnel
Are you the parent of a child with autism that has been blamed for your childs behavioral difficulties? Have you been told by special education personnel that your childs learning disability, is your fault? This article will discuss a study of sch
Basic Steps for Career Advancement
Being the best at what you do is very important when it comes to career advancement, having the drive and ambition to reach your goals is also just as important. Advice in a person to become the best at anything he or she does is easier said than don
Becoming a Valuable Employee and Potential Leader
Before even thinking about becoming a valuable employee at a company it is important for you to decide whether or not you will feel comfortable working at this job and if your efforts will be financially compensated according to your accomplishments
Pythagoras and Pythagorean Theorem
Untitled Page PYTHAGORAS AND PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM Brief History Pythagoras was born in the late 6th century B.C. on the island of Samos in ancient Greece. His father, Mnesarchus, was a Greek stonecutter and his mother, Pythais, was most likely a Phoe
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