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Why Do Children Need Toys?
Children are never too young to become interested in math and science. In fact, young children are natural scientists and mathematicians. They are curious. They…
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The Day I Learnt by Teaching
THE DAY I LEARNT BY TEACHING I WAS so excited that morning. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that this happened long time ago, when I was in Class X. Our Headmaster, Mr. Joseph, walked into our class and dropped a bombshell. Hattangadi, you are sele
After You Have Been Reading Aloud to Your Child it is Time to Start Guided Readi
Guided Reading is when the children can read by themselves. With guided reading always start with something easy to read to help build confidence. Usually your child should be able to understand about 90% of the book. It is better to start with pict
The History of Teaching Reading is not Very Old
What people in American dont seem to realize is this country was made by homeschooling. It was one of the few times in America when most children could read and write and they were taught in covered wagons trekking into the wilderness. I can still re
American Homeschooling Has Been Around Since We Trekked Across the Continent
Homeschooling in America is making a big comeback with all the problems that seem to stem from the education system. What people in American dont seem to realize is this country was made by homeschooling. It was one of the few times in America when
If Your Kid is Getting Left Behind in Writing Then You Need to Know How to Teach
Even though the pencil looks like it is going the way of the dinosaur we parents need to know how to teach kids to write. Anyway we learnt to write many years now it is our turn to be teachers. If your kid is having problems with writing it could be
When You Start to Teach Your Child to Read You Need to Learn How to Teach Phonic
Phonics are very easy to learn, they are nothing to be intimidated about. We use phonic sounds every time we speak. When teaching phonics we have to match the phonic sound we say with the written phonic sound. It is that simple. When you are learnin
When You Start to Teach Reading You Have to Learn How to Teach Reading
If your children are having problems learning to read you have to intervene as reading is very important. And if your children have problems with reading they will have problems throughout school. So you must do something so your children get ahead
America's Homeless Child
America's Homeless Children : More Than One Million Homeless Children?? At least 1.35 million children are homeless during a year's time.? One any given day 800,000 people are homeless in the United States, including 200,000 children in homelessfami
The Homeless Child
HOMELESS CHILDREN: AMERICA'S NEW OUTCASTSThis fact sheet provides a condensed overview of selected information from Homeless Children:America's New Outcasts.?Part I?1. Family Homelessness: A New Social ProblemExcept during the Great Depression, wome
Sweet Memories of Boarding School
My fathers enthusiasm to send me to a boarding school meant that it was his life that was at stake so he ensured that I , a ten year old kid, worked real hard to get a place in the merit list. Probably, he had realized early in life that there is no
Benefits of Abacus Training
Benefits of Abacus Training ? Charles Babbage invented abacus and the whole world is truly benefiting from it. It is an innovative potion for all those who want to turn on their brains for oral mathematical calculations. Abacus Training sharpens our
a study of psychosocial adjustment among blind and sighted subjects
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