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Why Do Children Need Toys?
Children are never too young to become interested in math and science. In fact, young children are natural scientists and mathematicians. They are curious. They…
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•  Why Do Children Need Toys?
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•  You Can Ace the Gace Even if You
•  Strategies for Managing Problem
•  Tounge Twisters in the Classroom
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Why Do Children Need Toys?
Children are never too young to become interested in math and science. In fact, young children are natural scientists and mathematicians. They are curious. They ask questions all the time. They like to explore and experiment. When you encourage th
What Are The Best Educational Toys For Children?
? To begin with, here are the ground rules for grown-ups. First, dont overload your kids with toys. Too many at once will simply overwhelm them. ?Second dont take away old favourites ? even if doggy, teddy, or dolly has been loved to bits. And thi
What Ideas are You Looking for to Teach Reading
When teaching your children how to read I would stick to the basics and not try and bring in new any ideas for teaching reading. The tried and trusted methods of teaching reading have been already taught many, many children so why experiment with ne
Kindergarten Phonics Should be Simple and Give the Kids Something to Play With
Most kids start to learn to read at kindergarten but they are also learning lots of other things to do with communication. They are still increasing their speaking vocabulary, which is very important. As the more words a child can say the more they
Dont Let the Gace Exam Stand in the Way of Your Dream Job
? The current economy has motivated a lot of people to re-evaluate their careers choices. If you are considering becoming a teacher youre not alone. The appeal of leaving the rat race; of having full benefits and three months of vacation every year
You Can Ace the Gace Even if You Have Test Anxiety
Anyone who tells you that they dont have at least some level of test anxiety is simply not telling the truth. Stress over an exam is not always a bad thing. A healthy level of pressure can help you stay on top of your prep schedule and keep you foc
Strategies for Managing Problem Students
When teachers and students interact with each other in the classroom, make assessments of each other. The sizing up goes on all the time whether or not teachers recognize it. Most of the assessments take place in the beginning of the schoolyear, but
Tounge Twisters in the Classroom!
Many of us do. You're probably asking yourself, where do tongue twisters fit into early childhood education? Good question and here's the answer. Tongue twisters are great for young children. A short and simple sentence (or just 2-3 words) using the
What Makes Strong and Nurturing Families?
Human beings have the longest dependency on others than any other living creature. We spend our lives in relationships, either toxic or nurturing. If the family of origin was not supportive and loving, we either repeat that pattern or look for other
Develop Your Child's Genius - How the Gifted Child is Treated in American School
????? ????? "A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students" - this is a report that was written by Nicholas Colangelo, Susan G. Assouline and Miraca U.M. Gross, and The Templeton National Report on Acceleration. ????? This re
Educational Toys Can Cost a Fortune for Some Mums
August 2005 ' Sydney, Australia. Sydney mothers have discovered a way of providing their children with high quality children's educational toys and they're only paying 20% of store price. These mothers aren't spending hours in discount stores or sec
Enhancing a Child's Brain Power Through Jigsaw Puzzles
Its a fact in todays world that to be successful you should have a sharp attentive brain. When you have outstanding mind and brain skills, IQ confidence usually follows. Employers hire and promote often the person who masters these characteristics
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